We are an independent, multi-disciplinary company that specializes in the orchestration of complex and diverse media productions.

gradience is an independent, multi-disciplinary company specialized in the orchestration of complex and diverse media productions. We have offices in Tokyo and Amsterdam, with many years of experience producing premium media projects all over the world. We are intentionally small but have worldwide reach through our vast global network. We always seek the right balance between our clients’ needs and how to technically best implement (on a global scale) the production. Our lean structure allows us to produce and service with maximum efficiency by capitalizing on time zones, exchange rates and the best global production solutions.

gradience exists to produce media for our clients in the most smooth and harmonious manner possible, from a timing and cost point of view.  In this day and age, integrated marketing often necessitates a multi-media communication approach.  In our experience, the key to success is producing your media in a coherent and integrated manner. When necessary, we are able to produce and streamline many diverse productions while also maintaining premium consistency.  This is true with print, packaging (boxes), premiums, websites, outdoor campaigns, events and other media products. The biggest savings in cost and time are possible when we are trusted to orchestrate the entire turnkey media project, from creative and technical design all the way through to translation, production and global transportation. In a harmonious, efficient and gradient manner!  

My name is Michael Gude, I am the founder of gradience and would be more than happy to introduce myself personally to discuss with you, how gradience might be able to help overcome your media challenges in a smooth manner. No strings attached. 


Michael Gude

(managing director)